Pure Design had worked with this client on a few different commercial and residential design proposals, but in a professional capacity, as the client is a professional lighting designer.

"Ewen Cafe - 3D Lighting Design" came to Pure Design to design a new home for his family on their lifestyle block, they approached Pure Design to provide the dream.

The resulting 300 plus m2 home with an attached "Granny Flat" and large elevated decking was designed to draw context from it's rural surrounding and setting, using the natural traditional rural material aesthetic, but presented with new long living/low maintenance materials and in modernist way with elevated views.

Timber battens, corrugated roofing, concrete masonry and vertical shiplap weatherboarding are traditional rural materials, however in this project the timber battens are actually a composite timber design, the vertical weather boards are aluminium cladding system and the concrete masonry is honed and refined to give a very contemporary industrial feel.

Although this building is still undergoing the final touches of the build to be complete, we have attached some conceptual sketches and some architectural type shots in the interum. A full portfolio presentation will be up-loaded when the home has been completed and established. Stay tuned!