SCOTT HOUSE rennovation

Pure Design had been involved with a few updates on this property to adapt the house to the growing needs of its family and lifestyle changes over a few years. These were generally smaller type projects to answer a specific needs at that time. However it was always still a bit small and had some serious design flaws. Due to being unable to find any house that met their needs when they decided to upgrade, the choice was made to do a full make over of the existing home to address those on-going issues that had yet to be resolved from the original design and build by the owner, who was also a builder, as well as increase the home size.

An obvious and official front entry protected from the wind, a feature gravity defying cantilevered entry staircase and a new kitchen/family space opening onto a large North facing deck. Increased garaging and an additional two bedrooms for their growing teenage girls with their own living spaces and bathrooms. As well as a general modernisation of the existing property, with new roofing, cladding to match and new double glazed window joinery updates.

The building was transformed from a typical 90's builders spec house into the substantial Architectural home you see above. Focused solely on the enhancement of the lifestyle and the well being of it's occupants, who loved the new lease on life that the renovated home now provided them.


The nice take away from this project, apart from the clients very generous praise, was when we were approached by a gentleman, who was one of the clients' closest friends at the house warming party, who was seriously amazed that although he had been coming to the property for some 10 years prior, he really couldn't work out where the original house had finished and the new renovations begun. Truly the best result that could be received, for a seamless design result. A result rewarded with being a design finalist in the Regional Design Awards for "Best Alteration" Auckland Northland Region.


The client eventually did sell this property and we are now involved with the remodel of their next big project in Mount Eden - Auckland. So stay tuned!