362 high street

A landmark home, controlled by the touch of a finger.

The home is adorned with commercial grade fittings, double glazed argon windows, 6 star energy rating throughout.

Functional design aspects allow seamless transitions from indoor spaces to outdoor entertaining zones.

A large 600m2 speculative home in the Melbourne suburb of Lower Templestowe. A rather long skinny over-looked urban site with very restrictive town planning regulations provided a challenge to our team, particularly with a brief for a home of this size.


Blending the home into the local streetscape vernacular was a primary request from the client. Meeting this request while maintaining our philosophy of "blurring" the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces was also a challenge, due to the neighbours overlooking this property. These hurdles were considered, discussed and resolved, resulting in the creation of a beautifully private sanctuary in the middle of a busy Melbourne suburb.

Pure Design Ltd were involved in all aspects of this design including all the Architectural exterior and interior design decisions, all detailing, finishing materials and staged furnishings.

The property was marketed well and sold fairly quickly when completed for more than the anticipated asking price, proving yet again that good design is invaluable.​


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